Captain of the Band


The Captain is basically responsible for the running of the band's ringing. This includes running service ringing and practices and also organising competition bands. They also organise peals and quarter peals for special occasions.

A bit about Ben

Ben learnt to ring at Wisbech St Mary and Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. In 2001 he moved to Alford, Lincolnshire where his ringing advanced further. In September 2011, Ben moved to London and started to ring at St Martin's which allowed him to develop his 12 bell ringing. Ben has been actively involved in the band ever since and is a regular at both practices and Sunday morning ringing!

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Current Captain

Benjamin Meyer

Previous Captains

2016 - Benjamin Meyer
2015 - Benjamin Kipling
2014 - Heather Forster
2013 - Edmund Wratten
2012 - Edmund Wratten
2011 - Cath Merlane