Learning to ring

Towers across the country are always looking for new recruits to help ring the church bells and most people have the ability to become a good ringer. Great physical strength is not required and people of all ages from 12 upwards are welcome. Perhaps you used to ring and would consider taking it up again? If you think you might be a little rusty, don't worry! You'll be surprised at just how quickly and easily you can pick up ringing again. We know of many who were able to handle a bell within minutes, even after gaps in their ringing careers of as much as 36 years!

Although we don't teach at St Martin in the Fields, we can suggest places across London who do. If you are interested in learning to ring please contact us using the form below.

Contact Form

Where can I learn?

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to if you would like to find a place to learn to ring.